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Apartheid, once associated solely with South Africa, is now also linked to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. This episode explores the concept of apartheid, its history in South Africa, and its current application to Israel. Featuring experts from various backgrounds, including history, political science, human rights law, and Israeli politics.

The article discusses the comparison between apartheid in South Africa and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The inclusion of experts from diverse backgrounds lends credibility to the issue. However, it is essential to consider potential biases from these experts based on their affiliations or perspectives on the topic. The article’s reliability depends on the accuracy and objectivity of the information provided by these experts.

Given the sensitive and complex nature of the topic, the political landscape and prevalence of fake news can influence the public’s perception of the information. If the article lacks balanced viewpoints or relies heavily on a particular narrative, it may contribute to misinformation or a one-sided understanding of the issue. It is crucial for readers to critically analyze the sources, facts, and biases presented in articles discussing controversial subjects like apartheid and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Source: Aljazeera news: Apartheid explained | Start Here

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