Biden Declares Sole Allegiance to ‘Lord Almighty’ as His Ultimate Guide : Analysis

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US President Joe Biden has expressed confidence in his ability to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming elections, stating that only God could convince him to drop out of the race. In an interview with ABC News, Biden asserted that he is the most qualified candidate to beat Trump and believes he can get things done. When asked if anything could change his mind, Biden suggested that only the Lord Almighty might have the authority to do so. The interview comes as Biden faces criticism for his performance in recent debates and concerns about his mental and physical capacities.

The article lacks credibility as it does not provide any direct quotes or verifiable sources for the statements attributed to President Joe Biden. It also presents a biased view by focusing on Biden’s potential weaknesses without offering balanced information or alternative perspectives. The mention of God in the context of dropping out of the race may mislead readers and detract from the seriousness of political discussions. This kind of subjective reporting can contribute to misinformation and shape public opinion in a skewed manner.

Given the current political landscape and the prevalence of fake news, articles like this can easily be manipulated to sway public perception or promote a particular agenda. It is crucial for media outlets and individuals to critically evaluate the sources and presentation of information to ensure transparency and accuracy in political reporting. Misleading or biased content can further polarize society and hinder meaningful discourse on important issues.

Source: RT news: Biden says he’ll only listen to ‘Lord Almighty’

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