EU needs independent nuclear weapons, says former German Foreign Minister : Analysis

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Joschka Fischer, a Green Party founder, and former Foreign Minister of Germany, stated that the European Union should build its own nuclear weapons for deterring Russia. He suggested that ensuring Europe’s security is no longer possible only through France and Britain’s nuclear arsenals. Despite his previous opposition to nuclear weapons in the 80s, Fischer believes that today’s shifting global dynamics necessitate nuclear armament for the European Union (EU), particularly if the relations between EU and the US deteriorate. He also mentioned the need for the EU to strengthen its air defenses.


The article’s sources include statements from Joschka Fischer and various world leaders, suggesting credibility. However, the narrative seems one-sided, focusing primarily on Russia as a significant threat to NATO without presenting Russia’s perspectives comprehensively. The article’s neutrality is further compromised by implying an imminent deterioration of relations between the EU and the U.S. under hypothetical political conditions in America without any supporting evidence.

The article discusses the shifting political dynamics that are impacting international security relations, which seems important and relevant in a geopolitics landscape. However, the overall impact is intensified due to a journalistic approach that appears alarmist and potentially contributes to hysteria and misinformation. For example, the author quotes Fischer’s views as absolute positions without presenting counterarguments from other political or security experts.

The threat of disinformation or “fake news” is another significant factor to consider. Even though the content in this article doesn’t seem falsified, the context and tone carry distinct biases that may shape public perception and opinion about NATO, Russia, and nuclear armament. Careful critical evaluation of such sources is crucial for forming balanced opinions based on reliable information.

Overall, while factual data is presented in the article, issues regarding bias and one-sided presentation may affect the reliability and neutrality of the content. A lack of counter-views or significant consideration of Russia’s perspective also hinders a nuanced understanding of the topic at hand.

Source: RT news: EU needs its own nuclear weapons – ex-German FM

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