Forcibly Displaced population skyrockets to 120 million in a decade : Analysis

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117.3 million people globally are forcibly displaced as of the latest report from the UNHCR, with the numbers escalating due to conflict and violence. The figure of internally displaced individuals and refugees has risen significantly, with a notable increase in those seeking asylum. International collaboration is urged to address the root causes of forced displacement and alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis.

The information provided in the article is sourced from the UNHCR, a reputable and credible organization in the field of refugee and displacement issues. The statistics regarding 117.3 million forcibly displaced people globally are alarming and reflect the ongoing humanitarian crisis driven by conflict and violence.

The article emphasizes the need for international collaboration to address the root causes of forced displacement, indicating a call for coordinated efforts to tackle this global crisis. However, the article could provide more context or specific examples of these root causes and proposed solutions to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Given the gravity of the topic and the involvement of a reliable source like the UNHCR, the article appears to be credible and informative. However, readers should remain critical of potential biases or agendas that could influence the presentation of the information. The political landscape and the prevalence of fake news may shape public perception of the refugee crisis, with misinformation potentially skewing viewpoints on the severity and complexity of the situation. Overall, the article sheds light on a critical issue but could benefit from more in-depth analysis and context to enhance understanding and awareness among readers.

Source: Aljazeera news: Forcibly displaced population doubles to 120 million over the past 10 years

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