Former Pakistan cricket captain withdraws as consultant after conviction : Analysis

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has withdrawn former captain Salman Butt from his newly appointed consultancy role after facing backlash from the media, fans, and cricket experts. Butt, along with former players Kamran Akmal and Rao Iftikhar Anjum, was initially appointed as a consultant for the men’s national team. However, the decision was reversed a day later in a press conference held by chief selector Wahab Riaz. Riaz cited accusations of nepotism as the reason for the withdrawal, stating, “I have told Salman he can’t be a part of my team.”

Salman Butt was involved in a spot-fixing scandal that occurred in September 2010. The scandal came to light when an undercover recording by a British tabloid revealed sports agent Mazhar Majeed boasting about his ability to arrange for players to manipulate games for financial gain. Butt, along with his teammates Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir, was found guilty of corruption for deliberately bowling no-balls during a Test match against England at Lord’s. Butt served seven months of a two-and-a-half-year sentence in a prison in southeast England, while Asif and Amir served half of their one-year and six-month sentences, respectively. Butt was also banned from playing cricket for five years.

The decision to appoint Butt as a consultant for the national team faced severe criticism from fans, experts, and cricket writer Kamran Abbasi, who labeled it as “absolutely diabolical.” Fans expressed their disappointment, stating that the decision would harm the board’s credibility and make it difficult for stakeholders, players, and sponsors to trust their decisions. Cricket commentator Aatif Nawaz acknowledged Butt’s knowledge of the game but believed that his past conviction should create a permanent distance between him and current players.

This incident is part of a series of changes made by the PCB following Pakistan’s poor performance in the Cricket World Cup. Babar Azam stepped down as captain in all three formats of the game, and new captains were appointed for Test and T20 cricket. The coaching staff also saw changes, with Grant Bradburn, Mickey Arthur, Andrew Puttick, and Morne Morkel all leaving their positions. Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Gul, and Saeed Ajmal are now part of the new support staff as bowling coaches. The PCB’s top management has also experienced frequent changes in recent years.

It is worth considering the credibility of the sources and the presentation of facts in this article. The sources cited include the Pakistan Cricket Board and various cricket experts and commentators. However, there is no indication of any direct quotes from these sources, which makes it difficult to assess their credibility. The facts presented about Salman Butt’s involvement in the spot-fixing scandal and subsequent punishment align with other known information.

The article does not appear to contain any significant biases. It presents the events and reactions surrounding Butt’s appointment objectively. However, there is a lack of balanced perspectives, as the article only includes criticism and negative opinions about Butt’s appointment.

The impact of this information is likely to be negative, as it raises concerns about the decision-making process within the Pakistan Cricket Board and the potential lack of consideration for the implications of appointing someone with a past involvement in corruption. This may contribute to public distrust in the board and its ability to make sound decisions.

The prevalence of fake news and the political landscape can influence the public’s perception of this information. In a context where misinformation and biased reporting are common, it becomes even more important for readers to critically evaluate the credibility and objectivity of the sources. The political landscape may also contribute to the public’s skepticism towards institutions and their decision-making processes, potentially heightening the impact of negative information like this.

Source: Aljazeera news: Fixing-convicted former Pakistan cricket captain withdrawn as consultant

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