Miss Nicaragua beauty queen investigated over alleged coup plot : Analysis

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Karen Celebertti, the owner of Nicaragua’s Miss Universe franchise, has been accused by the Nicaraguan police for scheming a beauty contest to ensure that an anti-government activist wins. According to the police, this was part of a plan to overthrow the government. Sheynnis Palacios, who won the Miss Nicaragua event and later crowned as Miss Universe last month in El Salvador, was the said activist. Although initially celebrated by the President Daniel Ortega, her victory was scrutinized after she was found to have participated in mass anti-government protests in 2018. The police now claim that Cerebertti had schemed Palacios’ victory to “turn pageants into political traps and political ambushes.”


The article appears to be well-sourced and refer to official statements from the Nicaraguan police, indicating a certain level of credibility. However, it does not cite direct quotes or link to these statements, making it difficult to verify these sources independently. It provides a balanced view by noting both the government’s allegations and the accusations of autocracy against President Ortega.

Potential biases could stem from the article’s focus on the government’s allegations, with less exploration of the counterarguments from Celebertti or Palacios. It would be more comprehensive if it included their responses or perspectives from credible third parties.

In the era of fake news and political polarization, people’s perceptions of this issue might be influenced by their political inclinations towards either the Nicaraguan government or its critics. It’s also worth noting the international context – beauty pageants might not typically be seen as a medium for political activism, making this a unique and potentially impactful situation.

The fact that Celebertti was barred from entering Nicaragua and her family members have been detained would cast a negative light on the government, further polarising the situation. Furthermore, the fact that Palacios has not returned to the country since her win and now resides in New York could be seen as implicit acknowledgment of the unsafe political climate in Nicaragua. Hence, this situation could have serious implications not just on the specific individuals involved, but also on the broader sociopolitical atmosphere of the country.

Source: RT news: Miss Nicaragua official probed amid alleged ‘beauty queen coup’ plot

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