Russia set to become top global LNG producer – Gazprom : Analysis

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Russia’s state-run energy company, Gazprom, has predicted that Russia could become the world’s third largest producer of liquified natural gas (LNG), following an expected increase in production in the US, Qatar, and Russia. This projection comes in conjunction with an anticipated decrease in production from Australia. The company suggests that this boon in production could be due to the declining consumption of LNG in Europe and increased demand from China, India, and Southeast Asian countries. Additionally, Gazprom addressed the occurrence of non-compliance with supply contract obligations in the global market, stating that these actions negatively affect gas supply reliability.


Given that Gazprom is a state-run institution, one might question their credibility and potential biases in their predictions and projections. It is important to note that as a state-owned company, their interests are tied to those of the Russian government, which may influence the information they provide.

International geopolitics could also influence the interpretation of the presented information. With increasing global focus on renewable energy sources, a predicted rise in fossil fuel-based production may be received with skepticism.

Moreover, Gazprom’s explicit accusation of European and American companies of failing to fulfil obligations could be seen as a strategic move to justify or promote their own business ventures.

The context of the current political landscape and the growing concern of “fake news” can influence public perception of Gazprom’s predictions. An objective evaluation of statistical data, a closer look at the potential hidden narratives, and cross-checking with multiple sources, can aid in fostering a comprehensive understanding of the information and its implications.

Finally, as most of the information in the article comes directly from Gazprom, it would further benefit the reader to seek out additional sources for a well-rounded perspective.

Source: RT news: Russia about to become one of the world’s biggest LNG producers – Gazprom

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