Russian Chocolate Expanding Internationally – Data : Analysis

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Russian chocolate exports increased by 9% from January to September year-on-year, making Russia the 11th largest chocolate supplier globally. In total, 170,000 tons of Russian chocolate products valued at over $535 million were exported in the first nine months of 2023. This was reported by RIA Novosti and backed by data from UN Comtrade and the national association of confectionary makers, Askond. Germany continues to top the list of chocolate exporters, with sales reaching $3.84 billion during the same period – an increase of 13% from the previous year.


The sources of the article, such as RIA Novosti, UN Comtrade, and Askond, provide credibility to the information presented. The use of data from a wide range of sources and organizations lends authenticity to the claim of increase in Russian chocolate exports. However, the lack of direct quotes and official declarations from these organizations may pose a potential bias or skewed interpretation of the data. In terms of the report’s wider impact, it could influence public perceptions about Russia’s growing role in the international chocolate supply chain.

Given the political climate and prevalence of fake news, discerning public might display skepticism toward the information, especially if it’s perceived to be from less trusted sources, potentially impacting Russia’s image or expectations regarding its confectionery industry. The fact that cocoa prices have hit nearly half-a-century high due to soaring global demand and declining supply also adds a layer of complexity and contradiction to the overall narrative.

Furthermore, the article fails to address important aspects such as the environmental implications of increased chocolate production, which could contribute to misleading or incomplete information. The mention of the El Nino weather phenomenon causing disruptions in global cocoa supply is also noteworthy, but more details on this aspect could have enriched the analysis further.

Source: RT news: Russian chocolate going global – data

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