Russian MP suggests implementing tax on childless individuals. : Analysis

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Evgeny Fyodorov, a member of Russia’s State Duma from the ruling United Russia party, has suggested reinstating a tax on childlessness in a bid to boost the population. In existence during World War II and until the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the tax was levied on men between 20 and 50 years old and married women aged 20-45. Fyodorov, who is also a member of the parliamentary budget and taxation committee, believes the tax funds could support welfare programmes for families with children. However, the proposal has faced opposition from some lawmakers, including Nina Ostanina, chair of the Duma family affairs committee, and MP Svetlana Bessarab, who contend that the tax would only function in a socialist system and would amount to discrimination, respectively.


The sources in the article, namely Evgeny Fyodorov and his critics, are credible as they are public figures in Russia’s political scene. The facts are presented clearly and contextually, providing historical information about the childlessness tax. Potential bias may exist given the political affiliation of Fyodorov with the ruling party, suggesting a potentially promotive agenda for stated policies.

The article’s impact is considerable for public discussion on demographic challenges and the strategies for addressing them in Russia. The credibility and reliability of the article are high, as it doesn’t lean towards misinformation but reveals differing perspectives on the issue. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting the charged nature of the discourse around demographic policies like the proposed tax, which can influence perception, especially in an era marked by ‘fake news’ and politicized messaging.

The current political climate in Russia and worldwide could either amplify the receptivity to or skepticism of such proposals. The public opinion might be polarized, depending on an individual’s political leanings, views on population control, and personal circumstances related to childbearing.

Source: RT news: Russian MP proposes taxing childless people

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