The Support of US Big Tech in Israel’s AI-driven Genocide and Apartheid : Analysis

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed sympathy for Israelis following the October 7 attacks without mentioning Palestinians. Other tech executives, including Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, also showed support for Israel. Despite ongoing Israeli army actions resulting in devastation for Palestinians, foreign tech giants supply critical infrastructure for AI projects. Intel announced a $25bn investment in a chip plant in Israel, and Microsoft launched a new Azure cloud region there. Silicon Valley has a history of supporting the Israeli regime, aiding in surveillance and oppression of Palestinians. Big Tech’s complicity in aiding Israeli surveillance and business sectors has come under scrutiny, with reports indicating direct involvement in Israeli military projects. US-based tech corporations, including IBM and Microsoft, have been shown to support Israel’s system of digital apartheid, aiding in the surveillance apparatus against Palestinians. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have major cloud computing centers in Israel, bolstering the country’s tech sector. Western social media companies have faced criticism for bias against Palestinians in their speech policies, contributing to censorship and suppression of pro-Palestinian voices. Big Tech companies’ support for Israel’s actions in Palestine highlights their complicity in the ongoing crisis and reveals their true nature as enablers of oppression.

The article presents a critical view of tech giants, particularly Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and others showing support towards Israel following attacks without mentioning Palestinians. It raises concerns about these companies providing critical infrastructure for AI projects that aid in Israeli surveillance and oppression of Palestinians. The article suggests a strong connection between Silicon Valley and the Israeli regime, highlighting collaborations in military projects and surveillance practices.

The sources cited in the article are not explicitly mentioned, making it challenging to evaluate their credibility. The article appears to have a clear bias towards criticizing tech companies for their support for Israel and their alleged complicity in the oppression of Palestinians. It lacks a balanced presentation of perspectives and may lean towards spreading a specific narrative or agenda.

In the current political landscape and amidst the prevalence of fake news, articles like this can influence public perception by shaping opinions on the actions of tech giants and their involvement in geopolitical conflicts. The portrayal of tech companies as enablers of oppression in Palestine could lead to a skewed understanding of the complexities of the situation in the region.

Overall, while the article raises important points about the potential impact of tech companies’ support for Israel on the Palestinian population, readers should approach the information with caution and seek additional sources to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Source: Aljazeera news: How US Big Tech supports Israel’s AI-powered genocide and apartheid

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