Unemployed Engineers and MBAs: The Covert Indian Election ‘Consultants’ : Analysis

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A young economics graduate from the premier Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was tasked with determining how many tennis balls could fit in a passenger plane during an interview for a political consultancy firm affiliated with India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Successful in his calculation, he joined a team dispatched to Tripura to analyze voter data, identifying non-BJP voters and devising strategies to sway them in the party’s favor. This trend of recruiting graduates from top Indian universities for political campaigns has grown in recent years as campus recruitment for traditional jobs has declined. These graduates provide valuable skills in managing and interpreting voter data for political consultancies, offering attractive compensation and the promise of influencing the future. Working discreetly, they employ data-driven strategies such as providing basic amenities to influence voter behavior in elections. The use of data analytics to shape campaign strategies, target voters, and polarize opinions is increasingly prevalent, with tech-savvy graduates leveraging their skills and expertise to drive election narratives and outcomes.

The article discusses how top Indian universities, including the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), are being tapped by political consultancies affiliated with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to recruit graduates for data analysis and campaign strategies. The narrative outlines how these educated professionals are using data analytics to target voters, sway opinions, and influence election outcomes.

In terms of credibility, the article lacks specific attribution to sources or individuals, making it hard to verify the information presented. It could benefit from providing named sources or references to validate the claims made. Additionally, the article does not delve into potential biases that may come into play when highly educated individuals are involved in shaping political campaigns, which could have provided a more nuanced understanding of the topic.

The impact of such practices on the political landscape is significant, as the utilization of data-driven strategies in elections can have far-reaching consequences on democracy and voter behavior. The trend of recruiting top graduates for political campaigns reflects the changing dynamics of political engagement and the growing influence of technology in shaping electoral processes.

In the context of fake news and misinformation, the article highlights a concerning trend where educated professionals are being enlisted to manipulate voter data and behavior for political gain. This underscores the need for critical media literacy and fact-checking mechanisms to counter the spread of misinformation and ensure transparent electoral practices.

Overall, while the article sheds light on an emerging trend of leveraging top university graduates for political campaigns, it lacks in-depth analysis of the implications and fails to provide concrete evidence to support its claims. As such, readers should approach the information with caution and consider seeking additional sources to form a more well-rounded perspective on the subject.

Source: Aljazeera news: Jobless engineers, MBAs: The hidden army of Indian election ‘consultants’

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