US Muslims Vow to Withdraw Support from Biden in 2024 due to His Position on Israel-Gaza Conflict : Analysis

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Muslim American leaders in key swing states have launched the #AbandonBiden campaign, vowing to rally their communities against President Joe Biden’s re-election due to his support of Israel’s war in Gaza. The campaign originated in Minnesota, where Muslim Americans demanded that Biden call for a ceasefire by October 31. It has since expanded to include Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

According to Axios, the group organizing the campaign stated, “This #AbandonBiden 2024 conference is set against the backdrop of the upcoming 2024 presidential election and the decision to withdraw support for President Biden due to his unwillingness to call for a ceasefire and protect innocents in Palestine and Israel.” The opposition from Muslim and Arab American populations in these swing states could pose a challenge to Biden’s prospects in the Electoral College.

The US president and vice president are elected by a group of electors chosen by political parties in each state. While the US political system is dominated by the Democrats and Republicans, independent candidates can also run for president. Independent candidates, however, face challenges in gaining electoral success due to the influx of private donations in the political system.

Both US and Israeli officials have rejected calls for a permanent halt in fighting, with Vice President Kamala Harris echoing Biden’s stance that Israel has a right to defend itself. The death toll in Gaza since October 7 stands at 15,207 Palestinians, while the official death toll in Israel is approximately 1,200. Israeli attacks have reportedly damaged more than half of Gaza’s homes, according to the latest data from the UN, WHO, and the Palestinian government.

The Muslim American leaders who launched the #AbandonBiden campaign stated that they did not expect former President Donald Trump to treat their community any better if re-elected. They see their decision not to support Biden as a means to influence US policy. Although it remains to be seen whether Muslim voters will turn against Biden en masse, even small shifts in support could make a difference in states where he won by narrow margins in 2020. A recent survey showed a significant decline in Biden’s support among Arab Americans, which could impact states like Michigan, where Arab Americans make up 5 percent of the vote.

Overall, the article presents the information regarding the #AbandonBiden campaign and its potential impact on the upcoming election. The sourcing of the information from Axios adds credibility to the article. However, the article does not provide a balanced perspective by including voices from those who disagree with the campaign or who support Biden’s stance on Israel’s war in Gaza. The article also focuses solely on the impact of Muslim and Arab American voters, neglecting other factors that could influence the election outcome. This lack of context could contribute to a limited understanding of the topic. Additionally, the inclusion of hashtags and tweets in the article may suggest a bias towards social media and sensationalism.

The political landscape and the prevalence of fake news could greatly influence the public’s perception of the information presented in this article. Social media platforms and partisan news outlets can amplify a specific narrative, leading to a polarized understanding of the topic. It is important for readers to critically evaluate the sources of the information and seek a diverse range of perspectives to develop a well-informed opinion.

Source: Aljazeera news: US Muslims pledge to ditch Biden in 2024 over his stance on Israel-Gaza war

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