US Plans to Quadruple Shells Production, Says Pentagon Chief : Analysis

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US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, has stated that expenditure for the production of artillery shells by the Pentagon has almost doubled recently and will continue to increase due to “Ukraine’s high burn rate for artillery” amid conflict with Russia. Despite billions of dollars’ worth of military support from the US and Western allies, Ukraine’s counteroffensive has failed to result in substantial gains. Austin said the US is putting approximately 50% more money into munitions compared to five years ago and predicts that America’s manufacturing of artillery shells will quadruple under the current administration. The modernization of the US military industrial base, the largest in nearly 40 years, will allocate $50 billion to the sector. Artillery shells will be produced in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas, creating jobs and maintaining security.


This article from the RT provides a diplomatic perspective of the US Defense Secretary’s remarks on the increased allocation for munitions production in response to Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. The article’s source credibility is relatively high since it includes direct quotes from Lloyd Austin during his speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum. However, it did not provide an external link to the full speech or additional details about Austin’s remarks.

The article gives a largely factual presentation without evident political bias. It mainly focused on the information on the Pentagon’s increased spending on artillery shell production, the US’s announcement of a new $100 million assistance package to Ukraine, and the Ukrainian President’s previous statement about the decreased artillery munition supply.

However, the article does not provide any additional context or analysis about the broader geopolitical implications of these developments, such as impact on US-Russia relations or the potential escalation of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Furthermore, it does not seek input from independent experts or offer contrasting viewpoints, potentially limiting the reader’s understanding of the issue.

In an era marked by political polarization and the spread of fake news, critical evaluation of such articles is crucial. While the article appears to be factual and devoid of evident bias, it is still essential to cross-reference the information provided with other news outlets for a comprehensive understanding of the topic. This is particularly important considering the sensitivity and potential ramifications of the issue at hand.

Source: RT news: US to ‘quadruple’ shells production – Pentagon chief

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